Born in the Mediterranean Sea

The brand

In Suncracy World the King is the Sun, vital in our lives. Sun and Vitamin Sea are important for making unforgettable personal experiences, for our souls and minds. Our collection is inspired by our beloved Mediterranean Sea, our childhood playground, sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, always impressive.

Suncracy team believe in the strong power of the Sun, and that a healthy dose of Vitamin D is necessary for building strong bones. But, it is also essential that children play, enjoy and stay safe in the sun. We offer UPF 50+ without any chemical filter, the best protection in the market.  We would always recommend using a high factor sun cream on all exposed areas of the body. The protection of delicate skin from overexposure is the main reason our brand was born.

Our premium Swimwear pieces are made by hand in Spanish and Portuguese workshops from Ecowave a luxurious recycled fiber, and our high-quality European fabrics are chlorine, seawater and sun cream resistant. We make pieces to last, our swimsuits are comfy and retain their shapes, every item is designed to allow children to be children.

About us

Our planet’s future depends on the decisions we make today. Green policy is always in our mind. Suncracy is an eco friendly, slow fashion brand. We look for sustainable facilities, processes and materials in every garment. We continue working to optimize our processes and products, to reach our goal: To be a 100% respectful with the environment brand.

Green Energy.

The energy used for our printing process is generated by solar green energy.

Kilometer ZERO.

We belive in a model of “short supply chain” that promotes the local origin through the whole manufacturing process.

Ecological Yarn.

The ECOwave fabrics are knitted with premium post consumer recycled yarns from plasctic bottles, and garbage recovered from the Mediterranean Sea.

No plastics.

We have recently eliminated plastics from our packaging.

Waterless Printing.

During our eco digital printing process the use of water has been reduced by 100%.





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Suncracy was born as the great dream of designer Elena Sánchez. It all began after twelve years working for children´s fashion brands in Europe. Thanks to her own children she decided to start a premium swimwear fashion label with a strong conceptual, honest and emotive element. Gorgeous swimwear, with beautiful clean cut designs for contemporary families.

Since launching Suncracy, it has been established as a global fashion brand for kids and their families, and we’re very proud to see our collections featured in the best independent boutiques and luxury international resorts.

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