Founded by Elena Sánchez, mother of three kids, Suncracy is not only about fashion, it is essentially about protecting the skin of our little ones from the harmful effects of UV rays and showing them how to practice safe sun.

This is so important to us that we send a clear message in all our sun protective clothes: PROTECT YOUR SKIN.   

This blog intends to raise awareness on how important it is for your children to be protected from the sun at an early age, at any age. We will try to give you essential information about sun protection, things to avoid while staying in the sun and guidelines to practice safe sun.

Suncracy team believe in the strong power of the Sun, and that a healthy dose of Vitamin D is necessary for building strong bones. But, it is also essential that children play, enjoy and stay safe in the sun. We offer UPF 50+ without any chemical filter, the best protection in the market.  We would always recommend using a high factor sun cream on all exposed areas of the body. The protection of delicate skin from overexposure is the main reason our brand was born.

It is very important for parents  to protect their kids from the sun’s harmful UV rays and teach them healthy sun care habits – starting at an early age. 

Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of skin color. Unprotected UV exposure is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer. The good news is that when caught early, skin cancer is highly treatable.


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